Harbco Construction

General Contractor

In addition to staffing our team with the most knowledgeable staff and efficiently managing the construction schedule, overall quality management is vital to the success of our projects. 

To be effective, our quality control program is specifically designed for each project.  HGC provides standards and procedures of inspection at all stages of construction delivery.  We initiate a program which considers those items supplied direct on the job by vendors, contract suppliers and subcontractors.  We develop procedures and reporting systems which accomplish the goals of an effective quality assurance program by:

  • Guaranteeing adherence to the full intent of the contract documents
  • Assuring the highest standards of field workmanship
  • Confirming that the materials utilized are of the highest quality and are in full accordance with the specifications and certifications.
  • Ascertaining by testing, as required, that the finished products meet or exceed specified standards.